1. Up to now, we have discussed two major finding in the leadership research – Tasks and Relationships.  This chapter introduces another concept which is called “situation”.  Explain the situational factor and why it must be considered in style used by leaders.  Give examples of situations that require different leadership styles.  (1 page minimum)

2.Go to https://youtu.be/pykuvuA-QFU and watch the Situational Leadership video.  In the video, the narrator discussed the various Leadership Styles (S1, S2, S3 and S4) and Development Factors (D1, D2, D3 and D4).  Summarize and explain the Leadership Styles and Development Factors including the interaction between Style and Development.  Give examples. (2 pages minimum)

3. Please see the figure below.  It is sometimes called “willing and able” model. Take a look at the four quadrants.  Assume you have an employee in each quadrant.  For example, you have a subordinate that is willing to do the job, but is not able at this time due to lack of skills.  You will need to review Chapter 5 in your textbook.  How would you improve performance for employees in each of the quadrants.  Discuss each quadrant.  Also, an Internet search will help you answer the question. (1 page minimum)