4 paragraphs for each question

Answer five of the following questions, placing the number chosen before your response
so I can see what choices you made.
You are to provide 4 paragraphs for each question. The paragraphs are to do the
1. Answer the question asked in this paragraph.
2. Explore it to a deeper extent in this paragraph.
3. Do this again to a greater extent here.
4. Conclude with that was learned of value and importance.
The first part is worth up to 4 points with each subsequent point adding 1-2 points to
your score with a possible 10 points offered.
Here are the questions you have to choose from
1. The chapter, “Why White Parents don’t talk about Race” was written in
2009. BLM started in 2013. How is this chapter still relevant, or is it? What
has changed?
2. In the chapter, “Can Self-Control be Taught?” a strange thing
happens. Why? What for? An argument can be made that this phenomenon
applies to us in our classes. How so?
3. There are 10 chapters in Nurture Shock. Which one applies to you most
personally? How? Why?
4. Chapter 9. “How does exposure to different types of media influence
children’s behavior (ages 5-18), and what are the implications of parental
conflict on children’s social skills?”
5. Chapter 6. “How do friendships influence sibling interactions, and what
proactive skills can parents teach to improve the quality of sibling
6. Chapter 10. “How does your social class affect how you speak, your personal
dictionary, vocabulary? Use Google. Define each term and show how the
various application grow or decrease based upon the social analysis of that
group as it inveighs meaning towards the proletariat owing to Marxist
philosophy and the rise of technology.”
7. “In Chapter Ten, it examine the “gimmicks” parents use to “jump-start”
language skills. With that chapter in mind, what “gimmicks” has Mr. Schouten
used this semester to improve your language skills and how have these
8. “In many ways what NS focuses on is what we have been ding as parents—and
what we need to do better. With this in mind, are there things Mr. Schouten
does in class that are different than ways you have learned before?”
9. “In chapter 9, “Plays well with Others”, the authors ask after how we get along
with those about us. It is a question of participation, or not. Summarize and
review this chapter and then apply it to your thinking on why some of us get it
and participate in class and why others don’t.”