72-year-old female with pneumonia

Patricia  is a 72-year-old female with pneumonia who presents to the Emergency department via ambulance from her home this morning with dyspnoea and a frequent productive cough. patricia reports the cough started 4/7 ago and the sputum has since turned thick and yellow with blood streaks. She has also developed fever, rigors, chills and lethargy. This morning, she also complained of right sided chest pain which is worse on inspiration and coughing.

This essay is 3000 words

The assignment has 2 main parts (along with an introduction (300 words) and conclusion (300 words ):

  • Pathophysiology of clinical manifestations
  • Critical analysis of management strategies implemented.

For each of the four (4) clinical manifestations (300 words each)  need to explain the pathophysiology of why the patient is experiencing these. For example if your patient has tachycardia you need to explain the pathophysiology of how the patient has developed tachycardia.

For these 4 clinical manifestation one have to  critically analyse the management that the patient received using the best evidenced based literature. You are required to outline FOUR (4) management strategies( 300 words each) patient received and then explore how this compared to the latest evidence based literature.

  • Use A4 format only; use 11 or 12 font Arial or Times New Roman
  • DO NOT include a cover page
  • DO NOT include a printed declaration
  • Use 2.5cm margins on each side of the page with double line spacing between lines

Also need to 25x  APA 7th style references ( include in text and bibliography)  not more than 5 years old


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