A secure and Robust framework with threat modeling in a Mobile-government

I am seeking support from a highly experienced cybersecurity(CIA) freelancer to assist in my research paper. Key objectives are: Optimal candidates should possess: – Strong writing and editing skills – A knack for structuring information effectively – The ability to create engaging and clear content however, no Chatgpt , no google Bard/Gemini, or any other AI tool. Cybersecurity CIA Analysis (2019-Present) Need in-depth analysis of CIA triad in recent research? 5 IEEE papers (2019-present) Comparative table with key insights ⚡ Fast, expert research & delivery Order now & unlock cybersecurity knowledge! Tags: cybersecurity, research, CIA, IEEE, analysis, comparison – Identifying potential vulnerabilities in multiple IoT in smart city systems – Analyzing existing cybersecurity measures – Proposing enhanced security solutions The ideal candidate will understand A secure and Robust framework with threat modeling in a Mobile-government, their potential vulnerabilities, and possible solutions. Your role would also involve aiding in comparison and assessment of different cybersecurity measures. specific area of this topic: you will need to find it out of the 5 articles after you get them out of the internet. share them with first and we will agree on them. Research focus: first the freelancer should look for 5 articles and they should be from IEEE format. And then make a compares between the 5 articles on level of the cybersecurity CIA and these articles should be from 2020 to current only. note; i will share the topics with you. select topic and then google it looking for the research paper. then find the survey paper usually you will find 50 papers. and i want him/her to make a table highlighting the compares. Please note that completion is needed ASAP. Your prompt attention and quick work turnaround will be highly appreciated. Research Report 1. Title: [Insert your research title here] 2. Names: [Insert author names here] 3. Department: [Insert department name here] 4. Email: [Insert email address here] 5. Abstract (9-10 lines): Research area: Briefly explain the area your research focuses on. Problems: Identify the key problems existing in the research area. Solutions: Briefly mention the solutions your research proposes. 6. Introduction (20 lines): General overview: Provide a broader introduction to your research topic. References: Include at least 5 relevant references. 7. Motivation (5 lines): Problem and solution significance: Explain the importance of addressing the problem and the potential impact of your solution. Research benefit: Briefly describe how your research benefits the field and its purpose. 8. Related work (40 lines): Summaries of 5 research papers: [Paper title 1]: Briefly summarize the paper in 8 lines. [Paper title 2]: Briefly summarize the paper in 8 lines. [Paper title 3]: Briefly summarize the paper in 8 lines. [Paper title 4]: Briefly summarize the paper in 8 lines. [Paper title 5]: Briefly summarize the paper in 8 lines. 9. Competitive analysis of related work: Comparison table: Create a table comparing the 5 research papers based on: Real Time Computing time Cost Integrity Confidentiality Availability Include a brief explanation and clarification for the table and the chosen comparison criteria. 10. Future proposal: [Beginning with “In the future, we propose…”,] describe potential improvements or specifications for a better solution to the research problem. 11. Conclusion: Summarize your research and highlight the key findings. 12. References (10-15 references from 2020 or later): Include a list of 10-15 relevant references published in 2020 or later. Note delivers: Freelancers should deliver to me the following: -a designed PPT – research paper