Accounting report

For project report, University requires a report on any current topic related to organization, you are currently working in. Topic can be like “Performance analysis of your organization/Performance analysis on banking industry in Pakistan or Malaysia/ Bitcoin/ Fintech influence on your organization performance/ Effect of internal audit on your organization profitability/how audit process effectiveness influence the your organization performance etc).

Contents you are required to follow are given below:
1. Cover Page
2. Abstract of report
3. Acknowledgement
4. Table of content
5. List of Tables
6. List of Figures
7. Introduction (problem statement, significance, object of project, background, research scope etc)
8. Main Body/Literature Review (Background/ Critical Analysis of previous researches, Financial or internal Issues faced by organization, how you identify the problem in organization with respect to your topic, what solution/ financial budget etc you are recommending to organization on the basis of your evaluation)
9. Methodology (sources and tools you have utilized to proof your study like data collection methods, population, study sample etc)
10. Analysis Report/statistics confirmation
11. Discussion of Result
12. Conclusion
13. References

Report should be between 8000 to 10,000 words.