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Topic Optimising User Journeys on Enterprise Websites: A Comprehensive Guide
Audience Executives and senior managers in marketing, digital and technology at an established leading / large brand or enterprise with needs for (new or refreshing):Digital product strategy and technology strategyProduct design and build: website, app and bespokeplatform (e.g. eCommerce, transactional, etc.)
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Structure Intro 10%Highlight the concept of user journey optimisationas a crucial element for improving user engagement and conversion on enterprise websites.Emphasize the strategic importance ofunderstanding and designing user journeys for senior leadership in enhancing digital experiences.BodyDefine user journey 10%o What is user journey? in the context of an enterprise websiteo The importance of user journey mapping in understanding user interactionsKey elements (3-5) of an effective user journey20%o Name and elaborate on each element (e.g. Clarity and simplicity)Common pitfalls (3-5) to avoid 20%o Name and elaborate on each pitfall (e.g. Ignoring user feedback)Strategies / tactics (3-5) to optimise for optimisinguser journeys 20%


o Name and elaborate on each pitfall (e.g. A/B testing)o The iterative process of implementing changes based on user feedback and analytics.o Highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) that can measure the success of optimized user journeys.


How to implement changes and measure success15%Outro 5%SummarySpeak to our teamEDM Summary & Social copyA short summary for EDM before readers click thelink to read the full article. Will show some examples once the article is finalisedSocial copy for LinkedIn. Will show some examplesonce the article is finalisedSourceso Provide credible sources to back up the points made inthe blog such as articles, reports, studies and books.
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