AES cyber security professional

I am currently seeking an experienced AES cyber security professional. Project Summary: – Implementation of Encryption Algorithm: a) Develop an implementation scenario for one encryption algorithm. b) Provide a detailed description of the chosen algorithm, including its functioning. c) Apply software engineering approaches, starting from requirements gathering to design and implementation phases. d) Submit a complete project package containing: • The implemented encryption algorithm. • Detailed documentation of the algorithm and project development process. • A graphical interface for file encryption and decryption. • Important Implementation Tips: In your implementation, please adhere to the following guidelines: 1. Your program should accept any file type as input (e.g., .docx, .jpg, .xlsx, etc.). 2. Depending on your chosen encryption algorithm, the program must split the input file into appropriate blocks for encryption. 3. Encrypt the file’s extension and append it to the last block of encrypted data. 4. Add a new, algorithm-specific extension to the encrypted file. For example, if you use an algorithm named “X”, you might append “.bwf” or another unique extension to the encrypted files. 5. Ensure that your decryption process accurately recovers the original file, including its correct extension. The decrypted file should be identical to the original input file in every aspect. The algorithm chosen is AES