AI Impact: Workers and Artists

I am seeking an expert in Artificial Intelligence to write a 4-page paper in MLA format discussing the pros and cons of AI, with an emphasis on the ethical concern of how AI is affecting artists and workers globally. Key requirements of this job include: – Strong knowledge and understanding of AI, specifically Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Robotics. – Ability to analyze data privacy issues, AI bias and fairness, and job displacement and unemployment due to AI. – Solid view on the ethical concerns and repercussions related to AI. – Excellent skills in academic writing and proper use of MLA format. In this paper, make sure to give maximum attention to the ways AI is impacting artists and workers – outlining both the benefits it brings for efficiency and task automation, and the potential downsides such as job displacement. This project pays particular attention to the ethical aspect, therefore your stance should be balanced, presenting all sides of the issue.

This paper must include the following:

4 pages long with a Works Cited page making it 5 pages in all