Annotated bibliography assignment

I need help drafting an annotated bibliography on Sleep Deprivation. It has to be from peer reviewed journals/articles and must be cited in APA format. Instructions below and example attached

Prepare an annotated bibliography of 5 references on the following topic: Current scholarly research and  writings on one of these topics: effects of sleep deprivation.
The annotated bibliography should include 5 references related to the topic chosen from the assigned list. References should be peer-reviewed journal articles only, published in psychological or medical journals.  No popular magazines, no websites or web pages.  The librarian showed us all how to use the FSCJ library!  Now is your chance to use it!

The annotated bibliography should follow APA guidelines for citations and should contain the following:

Citation according to APA format
Summary of theory, important points and/or concept presented in the article chosen
An evaluation of the article, in your own words, relating the work to what you are studying and speaking to the quality of the article.
To complete the assignment, you will research the topic given, utilizing scholarly sources from the library and/or scholarly on-line sources. You should have a minimum of 5 sources. Each annotation should consist of 2 paragraphs:

A summary of the article, in your own words (Do not use the article abstract.)
A discussion of how the material supports, informs, and relates to the topic given.

Annotated Bibliography Example