For this assignment you can choose your organization where you are currently working or where you have worked
earlier. If you are choosing any other organization it has to be one about which you have firsthand knowledge so as to
fulfill the requirements of the assignment. You will write a Report on the chosen organization’s strategic management
changes that it wants to incorporate, to find answers to certain questions set up in the main assignment task given
The assignment will have the following important components/steps:
• Analyse the current vision, mission, objectives and existing strategy of the organization
• Conduct a detailed environmental analysis using the tools in the modules and identify the environmental challenges and
possible opportunities
• Identify an important environmental challenge and discuss the possible impact of it on the organization and its
• Create a strategy using tools learned to overcome this challenge and discuss how you would implement it in your
• Discuss the various challenges you would face in the implementation and discuss how you would improve innovation as
well as make effective use of change management principles.
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction to the company – Here you can give a current brief of your organization including vision ,mission, strategic objectives,
product/services offered, regions served ,revenues, employee size etc.
3. Current Business Scenario – How is the company faring in the current changing business scenario? Analyze its competitors and how the
company ranks among them. Critically evaluate strengths and weaknesses and core competencies.
Identify and discuss the specific sources of its competitive advantage. Use a minimum of 2 models /tools such as Miles and Snow typologies,
VRIO model, Porter’s 5 forces and Business portfolio analysis, to critically analyze and describe current strategies of the organization to control
external challenges. Evaluate how is its current strategy affecting organizational performance? Analyze the organizational design as well as
lifecycle and how it affects the organizational performance.
4. Environmental Analysis and need for change – Using a minimum of 2 relevant tools/models (PESTLE, Environmental Uncertainty Model,
SWOT and Scenario planning) conduct an environmental analysis and critically analyse impact of key factors the organization will have to
consider in order to ensure its success. Evaluate how effective was your organization’s response to these environmental factors.
5. Strategy Identification and implementation (Carnegie Model and secondly the Rational Model )
5.1. Strategy to overcome challenge/s – Apply minimum any two strategy formulation tools to design a business strategy for your organization and
discuss the success factors that will be critical to organizational success.
5.2 Implementation of strategy – Prepare a plan of how would you implement this strategy? Critically evaluate some of the possible consequences
(positive and negative) of how will the change management principles be useful for handling the shift in strategy during implementation? Also, carry
out a critical discussion on how would you improve innovation and readiness to change in your organization?
6. Leadership Values to Manage Strategic Change
6.1 Leadership styles and Organizational Performance – Does adopting different leadership styles affect organizational performance? Critically
analyze and discuss using academic articles on how different leadership styles in your organization will affect the organization’s performance and
effectiveness to manage the strategic change they want to implement. How would it retain or change the organization’s corporate values? What
could the leadership do to fulfill some its corporate social responsibilities? You can bring in various debates and insights academic articles as well as
include your own experiences in the work place to discuss the impact and effectiveness of the various leadership styles. You are expected to refer
only peer reviewed journal articles (5-8) for your analyses and for supporting your statements.
6.2 Recommendations – Give out your recommendations of changes you envisage and the corporate values you need to incorporate to effectively
implement these changes in your chosen organization.
7. Conclusions – Summarize the strategic management issues including the solution. Analyze the possible limitations of the strategy identified and
main assumptions that drove the new strategy formulation process. Discuss briefly how the strategy identified is the best, given the context.
Bank X in South Africa
1. Intro to the company (market size, revenue, EBITDA, etc); Purpose of the business, portfolio, products (transactional banking, card solutions,
short and fixed term lending solutions, card-acquiring services, investment as well as advisory products and services etc.)
2. Current Business Scenario – current South African banking landscape & competition and key sources competitive advantage of Bank X – VRIO
analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces to evaluate Bank X competitive position within the operating market (example: Bank X has an yet unrealized
competitive advantage in honing it’s digital and technological capabilities- this needs to be accelerated and products must be commercialized
and digital service models fully operationalized)
3. Environmental analysis: PESTLE analysis and a SWOT analysis to conduct an environmental assessment and determine what key internal
strengths can be leveraged and the internal weaknesses that may hamper success – (example: these analysis highlighted the importance of
digital and technology this is clear in how technology is shaping the sector While Bank X has made some inroads in the digital journey, full
realization of the potential is still a relative weakness. The second key factor that this analysis has highlighted is the need to solution for the entry
to low income segment)
4. Strategy identification and implementation: Bank X will need to consider different ways in which to tackle the identified gaps and therefore
formulate a strategy to apply (In the organization there may be various options to go about solutioning for both improving digital and technology as
well as growing the offering for the entry level (mass) market
3 key strategic actions:
1. Become a full scale digital bank to at least 60% of our customers within the next 3 years, increasing digital adoption and improving the customer
satisfaction score by +10 points as well as commercialisation of digital products remains a critical focus
2. Customer growth, particularly in the Entry level and Youth segments, with the ambition to increase new-to-bank contribution to sales by up to 30%
in the Entry Level and Inclusive Banking and Youth segments.
3. Financial inclusion will be driven through launching a digital product in the inclusive segment, supported by data-driven education and cross-sell to
ensure customers are served holistically through socio-economic migration and ‘key moments’ in their life stage
5. Implementation of strategy
Operating model and structure changes: need to land operating model changes in digital and analytics, change in digital operating model to create
product management mindset – structure change and product training will have to be completed. Digital commercialization focus in order to yield
high performing digital products. Data Science teams will be integrated into the data analytics team and work closely with the digital product
managers etc.
Large scale adoption of agile ways and flexible workforce management: Establishing cross functional product squads and intensive training on agile
ways of work. Dedicated Strategic Data Enablement function to drive data literacy, data culture, data partnership and negotiating Talent partnerships
with vendors to supplement resources needs & technical learning, e.g., Product Focus, Design partners. Going forward, modernisation of middle and
back-office is required to support etc.
4. Leadership styles and organizational performance: Bank X will need to apply a more situational leadership style as changes take place some
employees may not feel as comfortable and confident in the changing environment and may need to develop new skills and adapt to new ways of
working. Therefore leaders will need to apply relevant styles according to the need
Recommendations: In order for Bank X to be successful in implementing this digitally some key changes will need to be adopted to the leadership
styles. The bank must …
Conclusions: xxx





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