Biomedical Ethics Position Paper

A position paper, worth 100 pts, will be due by 11:59pm, Sunday, May 12th. This paper will describe your position on a topic, chosen by you, concerning a current biomedical issue. The structuring of your argument is what we will discuss during the Critical Thinking module of the class. That is not to say that you can’t begin research for the paper now (you can), but to properly structure an argument, it helps to know what the components of an argument are.


Paper Requirements


1. A subject statement must be uploaded to the Position Paper Subject link under the Position


Paper section by Midnight, Sunday, Feb 4th . The subject statement is a simple sentence


indicating the biomedical ethics subject you are researching. Your research should lead you to a


position on that subject.


Subject Statement: I am researching gene editing.


Writing Your Paper: In researching gene editing, I have come to the conclusion that it should be banned. Here are the reasons why….


2. The paper must be a minimum of 2000 words. Entries less than 2000 words will have a


proportion of the Content score deducted.


3. Research can be from any source, but must have a minimum of 3 sources, 2 sources must be


peer reviewed journals. Online journals can be accessed via the Carl Sandburg Library database.


4. Information contained within the paper must be cited using APA parenthetical citation. Perdue


University has a great resource page for APA formatting found hear :


Example: The number of opioid deaths in 2022 was 1 in 100 people (Jones, 2023)


5. A properly constructed Works Cited page must be included with the paper.


The paper must be submitted through the Turn It In assignment link on the Moodle Page.


Turn It In is a plagiarism detection program that will compare your paper to thousands of resources. Not only are these resources hard copy and/or online sources, but a Sandburg database of papers. This means any paper you hand in will be compared to other students’ papers regardless of whether or not they are in your class. These papers will be kept in the data base until someone deletes them. What this means is if someone “uses” your paper in 5 years it will be reported as a plagiarized document. The report will provide your name, class you were in, the semester it was, and the instructor you had.


Papers cannot have higher than a 10% Originality score. No more than 2 quotes of 10 words or less may be used in the paper. More than 10% Originality Score will result in docking content.


TurnItIn will also filter for AI generated material. Any percentage of your paper that TurnItIn deems AI generated will be deducted from the content score.


You can submit your paper as often as you like up to the due date, to check the Originality Score. Be sure to finish your paper in a timely fashion to make it possible to correct any Originality Score or AI discrepancies before the due date.


Papers will be graded electronically through Turn It In. You will need to click on the upload link and then on the submission tab. Click on your paper and you will see the comments I made on your paper.


Grading Rubric


Subject Statement: 5pts


Works Cited Page: 15pts


Alphabetized Entries: 3pts


2 journal sources: 6pts


APA formatting: 6pts


Technical Structure: 20pts


Proper Grammar: 5pts


Sentence Construction: 5pts


Proper Citation: 10pts


Content: 60pts


The Content will be based on your reasoning for your position on the subject matter. Your paper should have a conclusion (your position on the subject) that is supported by reasons developed from the evidence found in your research.


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