Car Renting Project documentation

Scrum Methodology

A detailed word and excel documents should be provided

The mark will be given based on the content of the documents and the answer to some questions. A penalty of 1 mark will be used for each late submission date.


I.          Project

The company YourCar wants to create a web application to allow customers around the world to rent easily the cars (see the user interface of the application in section III).

This application will be done using SCRUM methodology. The release will be done during 2 Sprints

Each sprint is 3 weeks duration The project will start the 1/02/2021

The working week is 5 days, and each day is 8 hours working The actors of the project are:

  • Scrum owner: Susan
  • Scrum master: Mike
  • The development team is constituted by:
    • Karl: architecture (participate only 25% in the project)
    • Michael: senior developer
    • Christoph: intermediate developer


  • Stephan: intermediate developer
  • Susie: junior developer
  • Antony: tester


II.          What to do

The following what you are have to do in the assignment:

  • Create a release plan
  • Create a product backlog
  • Do a scrum planning:
    • Create the excel that allow you to do your planning
    • Create the sprint backlog
  • Give the result of one example of your daily meeting. Also, in this day you noticed that Susie has some problems in the project: What was the problem, how you found it, and what the solution that you suggested to fix the problem?
  • During the sprint review the product owner discovered 2 bugs: The total amount is not saved correctly in the database, and the penalty is not calculated correctly. How these bugs will influence the project and how to fix them (think only for project management solution).


III.           User Interface




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