Case study

You are the new international marketing manager for a surfboard company “Aussie Surf”
(not the real company name). The company is a producer, wholesaler and retailer of
fiberglass and carbon fiber surfboard. You have been given the task to evaluate the issues
with international outsourcing manufacturing within Indonesia. This choice has been made
by the company board already and is not in debate. The company has made this decision
due to increased demand and because production cannot be achieved domestically.
There have been many Australian companies outsourcing manufacturing recently to
Indonesia. There are many advantages of outsourcing of manufacturing in overseas
countries. However, more recently there has been a movement toward ethical production
and the circular economy, which has brought this type of manufacturing under scrutiny.
Globally there has been a growing trend of the socially aware or socially-conscious
consumers and sustainable practices.
These changes to global outsourcing and consumer trends related to ethical consumerism
may help position your argument. Evaluate outsourcing of production for the firm and the
implications for sales and the brand. Please consider the Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) issues related to the context.
Assess the case and develop some recommendations. What approach would you would
take and why? Please make sure you take into consideration your firm and the
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues when putting forward your arguments.
You are the international marketing manager for Aussie Surf. You have been given the task
to evaluate the outsourcing of production implications for the firm that is currently producing
only in Australia. The brief is to evaluate how the firm can best develop and design a strategy
for environmental, sustainable production with a focus on the circular economy opportunities.
You have been asked to evaluate outsourcing production within Indonesia. Further, the firm
is targeting international consumers for sales.
Choose one country: France or Germany. Evaluate the case and develop some insights
related to ethics and give a recommendation for the approach. Give reasons why this is an
appropriate approach. You should link insights to the recommendation. Argument and
analysis need to be linked clearly to the firm, the product and the brand.

Structure headings as below;
Section 1. Identification of case ethics issues (related to environment) (app. 750 words)
Base your issues on theoretical international ethics concepts.
As the international marketing manager, what are the pertinent environmental and
ethical issues to be considered in this case? Use journals to help give your responses
some depth.
Section 2. Explore the social cultural and consumer behaviour elements of the context
(your country) (app 750 words)
As the International marketing manager, what are some social cultural and consumer
behaviour implications, make sure you focus on the ethical issues. Use journals to
support your alternatives.
Section 3. Recommendation (app.1000 words)
Make a stand. What would you do as the International marketing manager for this
company, link this with previous sections. How would you respond? What international
marketing response would you recommend to the CEO and why