celonis business process mining

The assignment consists of performing the following 3 tasks on Celonis. The Dashboard must report the methods
and findings (how you solved the task and the insights).
Please, have a look at the BPI website (https://icpmconference.org/2020/bpi-challenge/) for an overview of the process.
Tasks: Perform the following tasks.
1. Use the Process Variant components to explore the key features of the domestic and international process.
What are the main differences between the two processes in terms of activities? And in terms of KPIs?
[3 points]
2. For both the domestic and the international process, what is the average throughput time in days from the
first submission from an employee (Declaration SUBMITTED by EMPLOYEE) to the last payment
(Payment Handled)? How do the metrics change with other KPIs (e.g., trimmed mean)?
[3 points]
3. In the domestic travel process, check with a Table how many cases took more than 1 year from start to
• Show in the Table the resources that undertook the cases.