Choose a poor (underdeveloped) country

Choose a poor (underdeveloped) country. Assume you are advising the government of that country on economic development and enhancing their business environment. First, you need to provide the background of their economy. Using various tools that you learned, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this country.

Second, give advice to the government on what policies they should adopt to improve their economy. You will need to give advice on topics that we discussed throughout the term such as political and economical reform, trade policy, climate change, financial market, technology, and innovation.

The purpose of the policies is to (a) have more successful startups, (b) create more job, (c) bolster national innovative capacities; (d) attract more foreign investment, and (e) gain maximum benefit from technology transfer afforded by its foreign investment

For your reference, you can choose a least developed or developing country from this document:

Maximum 15 pages double space, following APA. Please refer to the posted rubric for more detail.