comprehensive business plan

I am seeking a comprehensive business plan that integrates various aspects crucial for the establishment and operation of a unique multi-service center. This center will unite a tuition center, tailoring services, and barber services under one roof, catering to a wide range of demographics. The primary goals include securing investors, analyzing the return on investment, and clearly defining the business objectives to ensure success and sustainability. **Services Offered:** – Tuition for primary school children (aged 9-12) and high school students (aged 13-17) focusing on Malaysian syllabus subjects. – Training center for adults on various industry-related skills (6 sigma, TTT, Scrum master, Lean Management) – A barber shop specializing in haircuts and hairstyling for male customers. – Comprehensive tailoring and alteration services for all groups of age **Target Demographics:** – Primary school children and high school students studying Malaysian syllabus subjects and within the 10 km radius – Adults seeking specialized industry-related training. – Male customers seeking haircuts and hairstyling. – Individuals in need of professional tailoring and alteration services. – Residents of the neighborhood and patrons of adjacent restaurants and supermarkets. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** Freelancers bidding on this project should have: – Experience in drafting business plans for diverse service-oriented businesses. – Knowledge of the education sector, particularly Malaysian curriculum, is an advantage. – Proficiency in market analysis, especially in identifying target demographics and untapped market opportunities. – Financial planning expertise to estimate startup costs, operational expenses, and project revenue streams. – Ability to articulate strategies for marketing, operations, and growth. The demographic is in a busy neighborhood which is Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Your documents and data should be prepared based on this location. In summary, the business plan should serve as a blueprint for establishing a multi-service center that not only meets the needs of its immediate community but also presents a viable investment opportunity at the same time being sustainable for the next 10 – 15 years There will be 3 milestones payments for this project 1. 1st comprehensive draft 2. 2nd comprehensive draft with the required amendments 3. final document