Comprehensive Imperialism Analysis – World History

Highlights of the project include: – An in-depth examination of the economic impact of European colonialism. – A comprehensive understanding of Asian and African imperialism. For scope definition, excluded from our discussion will be the social and cultural changes brought by European colonialism. Ideal Skills: – Strong background in History, specifically in the topic of Imperialism – Excellent research and writing skills – Ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively This is the specific rubric –> Modern World History (CC) Global Competency Paper Introduction: This paper is a mandatory part of the CC course curriculum. It will supplement (not replace) regular lessons, readings, and assessments during 3rd and 4th Quarter. You are expected to follow all directions carefully, and budget your time so that you can meet all deadlines. Most of the work for this project will be done OUTSIDE of class, so please plan accordingly. Prompt: What motivated Europe’s “New Imperialism” of 1830-1914, and what were its consequences for the peoples of Africa and Asia? Directions: Write a paper between 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages, double spaced). The paper should have an introduction, three body sections, and a conclusion. The three sections of this paper should be of approximately equal length. Each section must have a thesis statement and specific evidence to support it. These sections are further explained here: Section 1 will establish historical context. You will analyze the economic, political, and social factors which motivated European New Imperialism between 1830 and 1914. Section 2 will examine responses to New Imperialism in Africa and Asia (1830-1914). Explain why it was so difficult (though not always impossible) for African and Asian societies to defend themselves against New Imperialism. Section 3 will draw conclusions. You will analyze the consequences and legacy of New Imperialism. You will receive some sources for this paper during our class lessons. Other sources will be provided on Canvas. You should not need to use outside sources. (This is a term paper, not a research paper.) The paper must include a header and title. It must be typed and submitted in Times New Roman, 12 point font. It must be free of grammatical, capitalization, and punctuation errors. You must visit my “General Writing Tips” page to make sure you don’t lose points for writing errors. It is essential to obtain editing assistance from a peer, family member, tutor, or other honest critic before you turn in your final paper. HCPSS guidelines regarding academic integrity must be strictly adhered to. Students who do not accurately cite sources, or who engage in plagiarism, will receive a zero on this assignment and a possible failure of the course. If you have any doubts or questions about your sourcing, ask me by Canvas message or email. FIRM Due dates: (Unlike regular assignments throughout the year, I WILL take off points if you turn these assignments in late. I reserve the right to refuse late submissions.) Graphic organizer check #1 Monday 3/4/24 Graphic organizer check #2 Wednesday 3/20/24 Rough Draft #1 (choose ONE section to submit) Friday 4/5/24 Rough Draft #2 (choose a DIFFERENT section to submit) Monday 4/15/24 Part of your final grade will be based on how you use the feedback given on the above steps. I will also provide a suggested outlineLinks to an external site. for this assignment. These aids will grow and change as you acquire more knowledge on the topic.