Comprehensive report comparing a MERN Tech Stack with a Tech Stack

Goal of this Project to write a Comprehensive report comparing a MERN Tech Stack with a Tech Stack that uses the AWS Amplify Project at its core. Size should be at least 25 Pages / 6k Words Text with additional Pictures.

Some Chapters and Criteria for Comparision:
● Development time and cost
○ Maintainability of the codebase
● Scalability
● Comparison of core functions:
○ Database data storage
○ Authentication
○ Large file storage
○ Analytics
● Rating by project size:
○ Small (SPA, Static or few APIs).
○ Medium (Multiple pages, dynamic content.)
○ Complex (Complex architecture, internal and external APIs, multiple AZs).
● Comparison of implicit software architectures.
● Operating costs
● Other criteria

Please include an Estimate for Time to complete in your Proposal.
(No plagiarism will be tolerated.)



Overview of MERN Tech Stack
Overview of Tech Stack in Relation to AWS
2. Problem Statement
3. Aim and Objectives of the Project
4. Research Questions
5. Significance of the Project Study
6. Methodology for Project Implementation
7. Project Development Time and Cost
8. Comparison of Core Functions
9. Comparison of Implicit Software Architectures
10. Application of CRUD APIs in the Implementation
11. Functional Requirements- Analytics, Authentication
12. Non-Functional Requirements for Project Implementation (Scalability, and Maintainability)
13. Data Storage Mechanism
14. Project Plan (Schedule and Project Costs
15. References