Computer Graphics concepts

This project is set to find out your understanding of Computer Graphics concepts. You need to show what you have learned from the fundamental of computer graphics. You are required to show your skills in design and develop a real-time 3D environment. You are required to provide a short report for this assignment.

Learning Outcome to be assessed


  • Relate concepts of fundamentals of computer
  • Demonstrate your understanding of computer graphics in terms of design and development in a 3D
  • Design and develop effective visualisation solutions for a given problem and data domain

Detail of the task

The project consists of two main parts, design the environment and developing the interactive 3D environment.


In this piece of project, you are required to develop an interactive graphical application/program that visualises the population of the different cities within the UK according to three censuses (1991, 2001 and 2011) on a supplied UK map. The program must allow switching between the three sets of data. The data and image files to be used are provided in the Canvas. You will also need to find the location of each city on the map and calculate its coordinates.

You must choose an appropriate technique for the data visualisation and provide a short rationale (~400 words) of your decision.

Your program should be in 3D but can use a mix of orthogonal and perspective camera projection with 700 by 800 window size. The program must allow panning of the map using the keyboard keys and mouse pointer, zooming in and out using the mouse wheel, and snap view by double-clicking a mouse button.

In addition, the program should allow the user to filter out some data to improve visualisation clarity.

You are expected to use Processing to develop this application. The software is already installed on all PCs in the CMP lab. If you require one for your home PC you can download the program for free at If you wish to use a different graphics API please obtain written permission from the module leader before starting your work.

What you should hand in:

 A zip file including the following items of your project through the assignment handler link on Canvas.

  1. The source code of a working visualisation Your submission must also include

all external files required to run the program properly.

  1. A short report containing your rationale for the chosen visualisation in PDF In this file, you are required to show your artefact pages and related actions. No details are

needed. Do not add the codes and explanation of the codes. Only the pages and characters and how they are connected to each other in the scenes.


You will need to package item (1) and (2) into one archive (.zip) file with your full name (Surname, First example Kolivand, and submit it via the Canvas Assessment Handler. You can find the link to upload your work in the Assignments tab of this module‘s Canvas page.

You are required to keep a copy of your submitted work in case there is a problem retrieving your work from Canvas.

Marking Scheme/Assessment Criteria

 Your submission will be summatively assessed using the following marking scheme:


Assessment Criteria % weighting for each problem part
Technical Artefacts 50
Implementation of the user interface (3D set up, pan and zoom control) 15
Data loading 5
Preparing coordinate data 10
Appropriateness and accuracy of the visualisation 5
Best practice of data visualisation for the selected area 10
Short report 5