concept of Industry 4.0

• The literature review will focus on the concept of Industry 4.0.
• The content flow is planned as follows: Historical development of the industrial revolution, emergence and definition of the Industry 4.0 concept, sub-components of Industry 4.0 (Sensor, Drone, Wearable technology, Smart cities, Big Data, Autonomous Driving, Artificial Intelligence, Biological weapons, Internet of Things, Bitcoin, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Cloud computing system, Cybersecurity, Additive manufacturing, Renewable energy, 3D Printers, Digital/Smart factories, Simulations, Dark production/factories, Autonomous robots), the concept of Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, dimensions of digital transformation, factors driving digital transformation, perspectives on digital transformation.
• The study will be based on information obtained from current and reliable sources.