Consumer Behaviour (MK303)

End Semester Project:
Design a simple experiment to test a hypothesis related to consumer behavior. You can choose an
aspect such as:
a) the impact of packaging/labelling on purchase decisions,
b) the influence of peer recommendations on product choice
c) the effect of pricing strategies on consumer preferences.
In a group of 5, select any 01 of the categories and implement it on the sample of 30 people.
Outline the following:
 Hypothesis: Clearly state the hypothesis you aim to test.
 Methodology: Describe the experiment setup, including variables, sample size, data
collection method- primary/Secondary data, etc.
 Results and Analysis: Present the findings of your experiment and analyze the implications
for understanding consumer behaviour.
 Conclusion: Summarize the experiment outcomes and discuss their relevance in the context
of consumer behaviour theories of motivation/perception/learning/attitude (please select
one context only)
Registration of Groups – Students are required to register your groups in the link on/before 20 April,
2024, ensure the product categories should NOT get repeated : Student Registration for Project.xlsx
Submission: Report and PPT presentation
 Report should contain 04 sections as per the outline shared above.
 PPT should have maximum 12 slides.
 Hardcopy of report to be submitted on the day of presentation.
 Softcopy of the report and PPT to be submitted on/before 09th May 2024 in the link:
 Evaluation will be based on both project report submitted and individual presentation.
Date of Presentation: 10th May 2024 (10:00 a.m. onwards, tentative)

End Term Project Guidelines CB – Student Copy