Course Paper Review for Surveying security threats of database systems

The followings are the components you should pay attention to while developing the course paper, along with the weight of each item. Your paper may length between 6-10 pages following the IEEE standard paper template (attached to this post).
– Abstract, (1 paragraph, ½ of a column) A) a concise and solid abstract the articulate the problem and what you have done (W=10%)
– Introduction section that introduces the problem and impacts (up to a page) B) introduces the field, security challenges of the field, and the impacts of unaddressed challenges. Should be supported by references (W=10%)

– Review of the studied papers (4-7 pages, figures can be used) C1) Having a clear classification on countermeasures/attacks (W=10%)
C2) Example cases for each class of the classification (W=10%) C3) Inclusion of technical details of at least 3 of the read papers (W=15%)
C4) Having analyses and discussions on surveyed papers (pros and cons) (W=15%) It should be supported by references + figures
– Conclusions and future directions (up to a page) D) Conclusion of the survey, identifying research gaps, and giving future direction (W=15%)
– List of references (up to a page) E) Inclusion of the papers/book/websites read following standard referencing format (W=5%)
– Format F1) Having essential components of a paper: title, list of authors, contact (W=3%) F2) Please follow IEEE double-column paper standard for the whole document (W=7%)