create a poster illustrating an example of a system and or problem that has been solved using computer science

Your task is to create a poster illustrating an example of a system and or problem that has been solved using computer science.  The poster will provide background to the problem and demonstrate how the computing subject in that problem domain has evolved in order for that problem to be solved. You should illustrate the societal, ethical and legal impacts as a result of the issue / resolution of the issue.


The computing environment is a wide and complex one. you are required to choose a subject / topic from computing and produce a poster (1 page) outlining the issues and how computer science has been used to resolve the issue. The design of your poster is left to you to decide but you should consider visual impact, key messages, data to support, examples and any underpinning research.

Suggested topics to cover in your poster


Suggested topics to cover in your poster

  • Rationale for subject choice – a brief overview of the system and / or problem being addressed
  • Target audience – those impacted by the system (the stakeholders)
  • Importance of Issue – you should identify the key issues – the problem to be resolved, why it is important, who will benefit from a resolution
  • Opportunities to solve the problem with computer science – the approach to solving the problem, any algorithmic thinking that has been considered, examples of algorithms
  • Data or metrics to show success – any measurements of success that are pertinent to the system being discussed, for example (you don’t need to cover all of these) money saved, time saved, skills developed, improvement in access to information
  • Impact on society – this could also be a measurement of success but trying to think about the impact from a different lens
  • Consideration of legal and ethical issues – examples of legislation being considered and any ethical issues or dilemmas
  • Professional considerations – any professional aspects that come to light in considering the problem


Your poster should be spell-checked and contain references.  You must use the Harvard style of referencing, both for citations within the text and your reference list.  You should expect to use 3 – 5 references.