CS202- 231: MS Project Submission Guidelines

Good Luck
Submission Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024
1. Submit a Soft copy of the project before 10:00 am on May 15, 2024
2. Hard Copy could be submitted at the time of presentation.
Tool used: MS Project
Goal: Create a scheduling document for a real-world project.
Maximum Number of participants: 2, exceptional cases 3
Maximum Marks: 10
Submission Format: (Marks = 5+3+2 = 10):
1. Implementation: The project schedule as a MS Project file (Marks = 5)
2. Project Report: Word document (Marks = 3), follow the following structure:
a. Title page
b. Table of contents with page numbers
c. Introduction: Brief introduction of the scheduling problem (maximum 1 page)
d. Diagrams/ views with explanation: For example: Figure 1: Add Caption. In this
caption, explain what it is showing. Apply all the concepts covered in Class.
e. Conclusions: (1 paragraph)
f. References: (Web URLs from where the idea has been taken, Tutorial links, etc.)
3. Presentation (Marks = 2):
a. No PowerPoint presentation
b. Based on software only
1. Select a Scheduling Problem for a real-world project.
2. Create a calendar.
3. Divide the project into activities and tasks (maximum 20).
4. Identify task dependencies.
5. Identify task completion durations and dates.
6. Create new calendar and apply it to at least to one of the task.
7. Create Gantt chart, and Network diagram.
8. Create WBS for any of activities identified.
9. Enter data and Create diagrams
10. Click between different views and print them as clear as possible.

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