Cultural Assignment for Developing Intercultural Competencies

Cultural Assignment for Developing Intercultural Competencies:

Intended Learning Outcomes
By completing this assignment (or parts thereof) you should be able to demonstrate:
your appreciation for diversity and an awareness of multiculturalism
your ability to observe and analyse cultural differences in behaviour
your capacity to understand structures of cultural systems
your ability to develop cultural self-reflection in intercultural contexts
your ability to work in multicultural contexts
a thorough understanding of various cultural dimensions

Course Materials

The following criteria must always be met:
Your paper must include an overview of information from literature sources about the host culture;
Your paper should make clear to what extent your knowledge and understanding of the relevant cultural factors have been increased;
Your paper must be well-structured and written in good Business English;
Your paper must contain proper references to used sources (APA guidelines).

After reading the book The Culture Map and watching the video, reflect on your own experiences during your exchange programme.
Write a short report in which you combine the theory of cultural mapping with your own experiences. You can also introduce other sources when doing this assignment. This report should be 5 to 7 pages long, excluding the cover page, table of contents, bibliography and any appendices. Please use appropriate report writing standards and be aware of the fact that your report will go through a plagiarism check.

Use the following questions as a guide for your report. Discuss the themes as critically as possible and pay special attention to the concept of intercultural competence.

When you compare your own culture (or the Dutch culture) to that of your host country, what was new to you / surprised you / made you curious while on exchange?   (pretend that you had an exchange in Milan Italy)

How do the two cultures match/not match when compared to the eight dimensions that Erin Meyer talks about in her book? Please give specific examples (your own, not from the book) to illustrate each dimension.

Choose at least 3 dimensions that Erin Meyer describes in her book to support the following statement: “A culturally mixed workforce holds a potential competitive advantage for organisations.” Motivate your answer with examples from the business world.