Cyber security Assignment

You are a cyber security officer and member of the Incident Response Team.
During the summer vacation, one of the teaching staff members, Samantha, reports to the Dean about abusive and threatening messages received over an email. Dean collects the following details from her:
Complete Name: Samantha R. Collen.
Personal Email ID:
Official Email ID:
Samantha also reported that during the term examination, she obstructed one of the students, Tony Lee, due to unfair means during examination.
As an investigator, your task is to identify the following:

Task 1: Obtain a scanning report of the entire network and identify how many terminals are connected with the Windows operating system and the Linux-based systems.
Note: Learners can use any platform like Kali Linux.

Task 2: Identify CVE score of the victim’s vulnerability.
Note: Learners can use any open-source data sets for vulnerability like NVD (National Vulnerability Database).

Task 3: Identify whether the victim’s terminal is affected with MiMT attack or not and submit the incident report for the same.
Note: Learners can orchestrate any attacks like Denial-of-service attack and create reports based on it.

Task 4: Use email forensics analysis and identify the sender’s IP address
Note: Learners can create a dummy email ID, perform this task, or send an email to anyone. They can identify the sender’s IP address.

Task5: Submit the complete incidence report