The Definition of Cyberterrorism- 1 page/references APA

Discuss the current debate surrounding the definition of cyberterrorism. Why is there no common definition? What are some of the challenges associated with establishing a common definition? Provide examples of two competing definitions of cyberterrorism from different sources and discuss the differences between the definitions. What are the implications of these differences? Be sure to properly cite and reference sources used



Cyberterrorism vs. Cybercrime- 1 PAGE/References APA 

Discuss the characteristics that would distinguish an attack of cyberterrorism from an attack of cybercrime. Discuss four specific characteristics that could be used to identify an attack as cyberterrorism or cybercrime. Why is it important to effectively distinguish between the two?

Cyberterrorism 4-6 PAGES/ APA 

The potential threat posed by cyberterrorism has provoked considerable alarm. Numerous security experts, politicians, and others have publicized the danger of cyberterrorists hacking into government and private computer systems and crippling the military, financial, and service sectors of advanced economies. Psychological, political, and economic forces have combined to promote the fear of cyberterrorism. From a psychological perspective, two of the greatest fears of modern times are combined in the term cyberterrorism. The fear of random, violent victimization blends well with the distrust and outright fear of computer technology.

Debate continues to exist regarding the nature and definition of cyberterrorism. Using the assigned readings and additional resources, discuss the extent to which cyberterrorism exists and the characteristics that distinguish cyberterrorism from cybercrime. Provide specific examples to support your application and analysis of the debate surrounding the nature and definition of cyberterrorism. In addition, discuss the potential effects of cyberterrorism, providing specific examples. Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length and include at least five specific examples of different types of cyberterrorism that might be conducted and the associated effects that would be expected from such an attack.

Use at least two credible sources beyond the assigned reading and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of each source. You may consult the Library, the internet, the textbook, other course material, and any other outside resources in supporting your task, using proper citations and references in APA style.