In 250-300 words, discuss:

  • What are the data, legal an safety concerns for hospitals if data is not normalized correctly?
  • Once you have selected the database, discuss the types of information the data warehouse contains and potential sources of that data.

Please review the following two sources of large data sets for seekers of healthcare information.

●Alcohol Use ●Arthritis ●Asthma ●Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ●Birth Defects ●Births & Natality ●Blood Disorders ●Breastfeeding ●Cancer ●Chronic Diseases ●Chronic Kidney Disease ●Corona Virus ●Deaths & Mortality ●Environmental Health ●Food-borne Illness ●Genomics ●Heart Disease ●Healthy Aging ●Immunizations ●Injuries & Violence (WISQARS) ●Life Expectancy ●Lyme Disease ●Oral Health ●Overweight & Obesity ●Physical Activity ●Reproductive Health ●Smoking & Tobacco ●STDs ●Tuberculosis (TB) ●Viral Hepatitis