Database Management System

Subject:DBMS-Database Management System
Descriptions:I am studying database management and need help with my assignment.

The instruction is attached. Please read the example file as a guide.

ONLY need help on TASK 1
there is no specific word count but for step 3 (see example solution) there is a limit on word count
Also, the ORM diagram has to be drawn with either LucidChart or Drawio software
Please check this new task

The objective of this project is to make the formal poster presentation at the scientific conference to online. The eye-catching part of this project is that when a presenter presents his poster, his presentation will automatically synchronizes the recorded video and the PDF slide that he is explaining it together.

that is the summary of the project. the main important thing it has to be done

It is a project for a student from a college in the uk. There is a site called tryhackme. On that site, his teacher created two cameras that must be exploited to find all the vulnerabilities and a report must be made, a pentesting report.

Throughout this unit, you will be engaging with techniques and tools for exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. For this coursework, you will use these techniques to gather information about a client, enumerate services, identify and evaluate vulnerabilities, and exploit some of those vulnerabilities. For the coursework, you need to perform a pentesting on two machines within the TryHackMe platform. In the end, you will develop a professional penetration testing report which will give evidence (including screenshots) of the techniques used, vulnerabilities found, and exploits conducted. This coursework will make up 30% of the total assessment.

Please, ensure that you take screenshots and record evidence (e.g. retrieved credentials) while you attack the machine as it will be no longer after its expiry date.

The entire report (excluding the appendices, references and the front page) will be 2000 (+/- 10%) words in length. You will be tested on the following
Structure and presentation
Executive summary
Summary of Results
Attack narrative/ methodology
Vulnerability risk assessment/ evaluation/ impact

Links for the coursework rooms

There is no single template/methodology that you must follow. Here are some good samples below.

Marks will also be deducted for each violation that the student has made.
You will face disciplinary actions where you have violated the university ICT Acceptable Use Policy or where you have attacked a system without permission.
Do not share your answers. Network traffic and system information will be monitored to track progress.
Marking Scheme
The marking scheme for the coursework is available from the following link:–Sv2oMstD4mMjw6o6i6

[13:05, 28/02/2024] Nyashfo:

Includes all notes (week 2 – week 5)

Includes example answers and guidance for old papers in the Old Tasks Folder (+ a video for one)

Includes “Task I need” which was tried but it didn’t go too well, it has the comments too on what went wrong. It also has my friends sample answer I got from them which you can use for reference/guidance, but careful of copying it (e.g. word for word) or that would be risky.
[13:05, 28/02/2024] Nyashfo: As part of the course you are required to complete a short report on identifying an opportunity for improvement within the workplace. This opportunity should be explained in detail. You should use the concepts discussed in class particularly the Project Charter elements in providing a clear statement of the opportunity and the gain you would expect to see. You should then explain how you would use the Define Measure and data Analysis tools of the DMAIC or DMADV approach to ensure that the improvement could be presented for endorsement by management. YOU DO NOT need to actually carry out the project or implement it in any way. The exercise is about the definition of the project only (Define, Measure, Analyse). Please see more detail on the headings and what is required under each one in the attached MSWord document.