Decison Analysis.

course decison analysis. The report is about evaluates three carbon capture technologies—Post-Combustion, Pre-Combustion, and Direct Air Capture—to identify the best fit for specific industrial scenarios. We’ll analyze factors like cost, efficiency, and compatibility with existing systems through a decision tree. The goal is to guide stakeholders in choosing the most effective technology for reducing emissions in their operations. 1. Literature Review: Summarize relevant research and findings on carbon capture technologies. 2. Technology Briefs: Provide a brief overview of each technology, including key features and operational principles. 3. Influence Diagram: Create a diagram that shows how different factors related to carbon capture technologies influence each other. 4. Decision Tree (EMV): Develop a decision tree that calculates the Expected Monetary Value (EMV) for each technology option. 5. Risk Profile: Analyze and document the potential risks associated with each technology. 6. Cumulative Risk Profile: Compile the risks over time to show their cumulative impact on the project.need the report to be 0 plagiarism and deadline in 2 days