I need MATLAB simulation model for this project with results and brief discussion.

I also need novelty in design as it is research project.

I need explanation difference and improvement in design with multiple results and brief discussion.

designing of speed controller appropriate for lightweight electric vehicle with battery state of charge%, closed loop control, PWM, smooth and quick speed response, able to run on Australian drive cycle, consideration of other electrical aspect and regenerative braking (optional but if you can do it is highly appreciable).

I need minimum 20 pages of results and discussion for report and some explanation of research gap(in introduction) and conclusion. I already have introduction(except research gap), literature review, some part of methodology and abstract.

I just want to make sure that before giving this work is that is any of you tutor can precociously do this project. Because I need unique MATLAB simulation with advancement and improvement. BLDC motor should able to drive electric vehicle in full speed range, so need to select motor based on proper rating. Need all kind of result such as speed, current, voltage, torque, speed response, calculations and many more. Minimum 20 pages of results and discussion which can justify purpose of research. In addition, point out research gap, about our methodology(PWM is compulsory and additional other method which we use with it).

I have very strict deadline, so I need very precise and accurate work without any delay. are you able to satisfy my requirements. please confirm my requirements with you tutor if can do it efficiently then only accept my request otherwise just tell me and reject my request straight away.