Discussion 1

Discussion Question #1 :


Read your text and view video 1 above. Answer the questions below in detail:

  1. Describe the functions carried out by healthcare managers, and give an example of a task in each function.
  2. Explain why interpersonal skills are important in healthcare management.
  3. Why is the healthcare manager’s role in ensuring high performance so critical? Explain


Read your text and view video 2 above. Answer the questions below in detail:

  1. What is the difference between leadership and management?
  2. Are leaders born, or are they trained? How has the history of leadership in the United States evolved to reflect this question?
  3. What are the leadership domains and competencies? Can you be a good leader and not have all the competencies listed in this model?


In order to receive full credit for your Discussion Board assignment you must give complete and detailed answers for all the questions and cite a minimum of 2 references (Only 1 can be the textbook).