Discussion Question Response – Operating System

 Please respond in with at least 100 words.

The  Operating System at work has to be secure and kept updated the most. In  my case at work, I use a version of Windows 10 that has been tweaked a  lot and, unfortunately, is not as safe as it should have to be. Several  issues and problems in the way we use computers and the way the  work-related websites create a major headache for all of us. I happen to  be the Information Manager Officer for my workplace, and I’m what a  Network Manager and Help Desk person would be if combined into one  person. Another issue we have with our operating system is that it would  not update straight from the Software developer, and that causes a  delay on security patches, the only time I’ve seen this as an advantage  or a “plus” was in October 2017 when an MS patch ruined most of the  Windows machines, and we were able to avoid the issue since it was  identified before the central servers at work pushed them to our  network.