The last paper of the course is a final product represents an authentic  demonstration competency, because it allows you to reflect on what you learned in this course and apply it to your life and future career.  To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of  the following course objectives:

 1. Define and explain basic Industrial/Organizational Psychology terms and concepts 

2. Demonstrate knowledge and application of major concepts and theoretical perspectives as well as historical and future trends in I/O Psychology 

3. Apply an understanding of ethical codes of behavior as they relate to the field of I/OPsychology 

4. Demonstrate an understanding of research methodology as it relates to I/O Psychology 

5. Use critical and creative thinking as well as skeptical inquiry to address issues related to the field of I/OPsychology 

6. Demonstrate critical thinking skills through detection of correct and faulty applications of I/O psychological principles and theories.

 Main Elements Should be about Diversity

Should Cover

 1. Background/situation of your selected topic 

2. Key subtopics

 3. Method of research 

4. Findings/results 

5. Discussion (including your views, opinions, andobservations) 

6. Closing comments** 

7. References 

 **Also make sure to answer the following questions in the closing comments of your paper:

 What did you learn from your research? 

How does this new knowledge change your perceptions of Industrial/Organizational Psychology? 

How can you use what you have learned in your personal life and/or work life?