!!!!!Select interventions from journal articles published within the past five years to ensure use of the most up-to- date resources.!!!!!!

You may use articles from the Mental Health Counseling Guide or from other sources, as long as the intervention is grounded in research.ï‚· ï‚·

ï‚· ï‚·

paper that includes the following:
Provide a brief description of the intervention including:

(1) to whom it can be applied
(2) under what circumstances it can be applied
(3) any limitations to the intervention that should be considered

Provide rationale for choosing the selected approach for the case study.
Include an explanation for why selecting that intervention will help your work with the selected case study client, and provide appropriate support.
Describe how the intervention can be used in future work when supporting the treatment approaches for clients.


Provide a link to the intervention within the body of the paper (or upload the PDF) so your instructor can easily identify and reference it. Ensure the link is active and accessible for review by your instructor. Note: If your selected intervention is not accessible, your submission will be returned to you. to complete assignment read the case study ATTACH BELOW THEN COME UP WITH AN INTERVENTION. USING THE TEMPLATE ATTAHCH YOU WILL ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ALREADY IN THE TEMPLATE !!!!!!!


Prompt: Review the Week Eight Case Study Nora document, and then address the following. Be sure to support your responses with research.MUST USE APA FORMAT MUST BE 6-8 SENT PER PARAGRAPH NO LESS!!!! USE REFRENCES AND CREEATE A REF PAGE REFRENCE NO LATER THAN 2013

follow instructions propmtly!!!!!!! use all attach doc must use attach documents