EEOC Case Research

This week you will locate a case using HeinOnline database within the DeVry Library, Find Law, or another research tool and obtain legal research on the selected case involving the EEOC and one of the laws employment laws that we discussed in class (FMLA, ADA, Civil Rights Act, etc). The case should be within the last 5 years. You should also research the circumstances surrounding the case (i.e. the other party, any news that may have been created or any other pertinent information).

You will write a one to two page paper surrounding the case to be submitted in Week 7. The paper should be formatted using APA including a title page, reference page, double space, in text citations, headings. You should include parties involved in the case, critical facts and/or allegations of the case, what law(s) were violated, description of the law(s), who won the case, and what were the resolutions.

2 page