Empirical research report

this is my entire assignment sheet: An empirical research report is a study where conclusions are derived from concrete, verifiable evidence. The term ″empirical″ signifies that it is guided by observation and experience rather than theory or logic. This kind of research uses real-world evidence to investigate a research question using quantitative and / or qualitative methods: Quantitative Research: This method gathers information through numerical data, quantifying opinions, behaviors, or other defined variables. Examples include surveys, longitudinal studies, and polls. Qualitative Research: In this approach, non-numerical data is collected to find meanings, opinions, or underlying reasons. It provides in-depth insights and uses methods like focus groups, case studies, and interviews. Empirical research reports may contain a review of the scholarly research on the topic leading the reader to a question they intend to answer, an explanation of the primary research used to answer the question, and a discussion of the results and what they mean. Articles from peer reviewed journals follow a similar structure and have a similar purpose. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: For the third essay, you will write an empirical research report of at least 1500 words. You will identify an empirical research question you could pursue in your essay and conduct your own study to answer it. Choosing a Topic & Getting Started Your topic needs to be something that can be studied empirically (so you can conduct your own study over it), but even with that limitation, there are many different types of topics and research questions that you can use. Focus on finding a topic that you find interesting and fun! Refer to the Research Project Planning video for tips. RESEARCH REQUIREMENT: You will need to cite at least SIX secondary sources, including at least THREE articles from peer-reviewed academic journals (ideally, your report will use ALL scholarly sources); the other three sources can come from non-scholarly sources, but they should still be credible. A book can be used as one of your non-academic journal sources, but even books from academic publishers will not meet the academic journal requirement. In addition to your secondary sources, you will need ONE primary source. The primary source should involve you collecting your own data (ex. a survey, interviews, content analysis, experiment etc.) and will be used to support most of your essay′s conclusions. Given the scope of the essay and the timeline for the end of the source, only one primary source method is accepted (ex. conducting interviews with multiple people is considered one primary source method). You will need to be able to provide evidence of your primary source (survey questions and response data, interview notes, photos or diagrams of experimental designs etc.). Minimum requirements for Grading Tier 1: Explore and defend the answer to an empirical research question using primary research At least six sources A works cited page on a separate page. Be a minimum of 1500 words. Length DOES NOT include the heading, page numbers, or works cited page Minimum formatting requirements: 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced. DETAILS: Your essay should: Effectively create a context for argumentation. Clearly establish the subject of investigation. Then explain why the chosen topic matters, providing context and relevance. Lastly, hint at the major themes, subtopics, or issues that will be explored in the literature review, giving readers a roadmap for what to expect in subsequent sections of the paper. Review past research on the topic. Identify important themes in the scholarly literature. Then explain how previous scholarly research has contributed to our understanding of these themes. Depending on the topic topic, you might need to explain how previous scholarly research is contradictory or unsatisfactory in contributing to our understanding of these issues As you transition out of your review of the relevant literature, present a research question that your essay will attempt to answer. Example: What effect does daily use of TikTok have on the attention span of 12- to 16-year-olds? Describe the method you will use to investigate your research question. Explain how the research question was empirically investigated with details about who or what you studied, and how. Summarize the results of your study and explain how it answers the research question Summarize the findings from the empirical research you conducted. Then describe how the data from the empirical research answers the research question. Finally, analyze the findings in the context of the previously described scholarly literature Include a strong conclusion that reviews the major points of the essay and calls for more research into the problem or advocating for a specific solution. Conclude by speculating on causes and consequences of the findings, showing applications and practical significance of the study where relevant. Discuss any limitations or flaws in the study and suggest directions for future research that could build on the study my topic of choice is: how effective is cbt on helping to lessen symptoms with general anxiety.