Engineering Technical Communication Assignment


  • Visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) page:
  • Choose 2 SDGs. Using two of the pre-writing techniques discussed in class (one for each SDG), brainstorm ways in which an engineering modification/re-design of a common household good can contribute toward addressing each of the SDGs you chose. If there is a different pre-writing technique that you use or would like to try, that’s good, too.
  • Think about questions such as
    • What could engineers do?
    • Who would be affected by this engineering intervention? Where?
    • How would this improvement help to address the SDG?
  • There is no word minimum or maximum; however, you will only get credit if we see that you gave this exercise sufficient effort.
  • If you prefer to do this by hand, you may scan and upload your documents, but make sure your handwriting is legible.