As we engage more in digital spaces, like social media, dating apps, and online gaming, we leave behind many of the traditional notions of how to live, act, and speak. Nicholas thinks we’ve lost the ability to think and concentrate, whereas David Carr thinks we no longer know how to give a person our full, undivided attention.

According to a recent Pew Research Poll, almost a third of the country has tried online dating, and out of that group, 39% of people claimed to be in a committed relationship. Even though many people have legitimate doubts about these apps and services, it seems like the future is going to include online dating.

Based on the ideas in the two below articles (You must use both), answer the below question

“Is Meeting Online Good for Marriages?”

 By Liesel Sharbi


“The Online Dating World Is a Mess”

By Caitlin Cantor


Should people use online dating services and apps, or should they focus their attention on more traditional methods of finding a spouse or partner?


Must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs.

Body paragraph should be a minimum of 6 sentences 

Must be in proper mla format 

Must have a work cited page

Must have a clear thesis, answering my question. literally, use language from the question 

Must have mla in text citations

Must use a minimum of one paraphrase and one quote from both authors

Must have a quote in each body paragraph.  PLEASE NO OUTSIDE SOURCE BESIDE THE TWO PROVIDED. Thank you.