English research paper

The paper will be designed in either APA or MLA format, depending on the students’ majors. The first choice for the assignment’s focus is on the student’s major, the specific resources for that major, as well as the general campus resources to assist with college success. The second choice for the assignment’s focus is the student’s career path and the issues or concerns about the future. This is going to involve research from outside sources. Legitimate, trustworthy sources. Designed to assess student competency in transferable strategies for writing processes, knowledge of writing, and research conventions, and assess student competency in Information Literacy to include finding, evaluating, and incorporating sources into their own writing. Non-negotiables: APA format -30 points without format (especially for Rio) 5-7 pages, not including the cover page or the references. 5 credible sources. In-text citations (mybib.com) Third person Research: Is there to help you prove your point. Research is not the focus of this paper. You are the focus. 75% of the paper to be your ideas and 25% to be research. It is used specifically to help you prove what you are claiming. It should not be the beginning or the focus of a paragraph. For example: Topic Sentence: What the paragraph is going to be about Evidence: Your research. What you found. Analysis: You putting your evidence into context. Show how the evidence provides support. Transition: leading to the next paragraph. Look for research that goes against what you are claiming. Concession and refutation—it makes your argument stronger.