Evaluating the Impact of remote work on Cybersecurity management

What the report should look like?

1 subpart – analysis of the theory of remote work, security management
2. subpart – explain about companies – processes- remote management, diagrams – process.
3. subpart – security analysis interconnected to remote management processes – connected to remote work.
4. subpart – identify best practices for the industry
Compare – 1. Structure interview with cyber security manager – somebody responsible
2 interviews with IT specialist
5. subpart – recommendations – 3 methods- 3 analysis – comparison, between theory and the findings from analysis, structured interview.
Methodology – workflow, research questions.
Conclusion – diagram optimized.
Sources – can be NIST, ISO, journals, books, special publications, case studies.

Please, no grey literature, no chatbot.
The content must have 15 to 20 pages
references APA style 7