Expertise-Needed For a Persuasive Paper

Purpose of this assignment: Rhetoric is the art of persuasion. We are always members of an audience, constantly bombarded by messages that try to persuade our actions, thoughts, and feelings. It is crucial that we become familiar with the rhetorical techniques used against us so that we can be more informed and more independent, and so that we can persuade others in order to make the world a more just and civil place for everyone. Task: Write a paper about one of the following three topics: the death diets, physician-assisted suicide, OR hospice care. You should make your position on the topic clear by creating a thesis statement that lays out the structure of your argument in order to persuade your audience that your position ought to be their position also. This is a persuasive paper and should be 3-4 pages. At least three scholarly sources are required. Step 1: Choose which of the three topics you’ll write about. Step 2: Research the topic using scholarly resources to learn more. Your paper must use at least three sources and should have a Works Cited page at the end. Step 3: Decide your opinion on the topic. Step 4: Make an outline with a thesis statement that provides structure to your paper and states your stance on the topic. Step 5: Submit work for workshop activities and give comments to your group members. Step 6: Submit to D2L by March 14 at 11:59pm. Additional notes: • The mode for this paper is persuasive. Present evidence that supports your own position in a way that leads your audience to believe in your position, or at least leads them to question their position if it’s different from yours • When quoting sources, be sparing; avoid “block quotes” • The essay must be at least 3 pages, not including the Works Cited page, which should be on its own page Paper 2 Rubric CATEGORIES DESCRIPTION Content: Persuasiveness and Implementing Sources – Use at least three sources to persuade your audience that your position on the topic is the best, most logical, and most informed position – How well you implement your sources will determine your persuasiveness – Remember this is a persuasive paper Grammar and Writing Mechanics – The paper should not have grammar or other writing errors. Formatting – MLA style formatting – In-text citations are required