Explain The Concept Of HIV AIDS To The Client.

When explaining the structure of HIV/AIDS to the patient, always ensure that they should understand it and do not  use much of jargon .The main goal of the meeting should be to explain the concept of HIV AIDS to the client. Therefore, use a simple accurate and concise approach.

It is Human Immunodeficiency Virus which mean a virus that can cause deficiencies in human immune system. The immune system is our army against the diseases. If HIV is not treated it leads to AIDS- Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (immune less state) – https://blog.keenessays.com/2021/06/17/in-this-final-entry-into-your-nurse-e-portfolio-for-this-course-you-continue-to-have-opportunities/ because of HIV the patient acquires these immune deficiencies and become susceptible to all sorts of infections. It takes months to years to reach from HIV to AIDS.

HIV attack on our CD4 cells and T helper cells- the cells are warriors in our immune cell and over the time take over them. It overtakes the immune cell machinery and use it against the body immune cells.

HIV is round shaped virus with two single strands of RNA.RNA is used to carry genetic information. HIV virus enters the cell copies its genetic information. For HIV to be able to enter the cell the cell must have CD4 receptor. With passage of time, it keeps killing immune cells and fail the immune system of the human. When CD4 cell count goes below 200 cell/mm3.A healthy human has CD4 count from 500-1000 cells/mm3. https://excellentwriter.xyz/education-homework-help/describe-the-work-of-the-robert-wood-johnson-foundation-committee-initiative-that-led-to-the-iom-report-future-of-nursing-leading-change-advancing-health/ The viral load is the number of HIV particles in a milliliter (mL) of blood. Higher the viral load means more copies of HIV in blood and more infection. Antiretroviral therapy can make the viral load low and reduce the HIV effect and delay or reduce chances of AIDS.