Explain why the intangibility of software systems poses special problems for software

CA 3 – Software Engineering M Feeney


Q1 – Software Project Management/Planning


1. Explain why the intangibility of software systems poses special problems for software


project management.


(5 marks)


2. The table below sets out a number of tasks, their durations, and their dependencies. Draw a


bar chart showing the project schedule.


(8 marks)


3. Risk Management is an essential part of a project manager’s job. Give two examples of project, product and business risks that may occur in a software project and for each suggest possible countermeasures that could be used.


(12 marks)


CA 3 – Software Engineering M Feeney


Q2 – Software Testing


1. Explain why testing can only detect the presence of errors, not their absence.


(5 marks)


2. Some people argue that developers should not be involved in testing their own code but that all testing should be the responsibility of a separate team. Give 2 arguments for and 2 against testing by the developers themselves.


(8 marks)


3. The following statements have been made about Software Testing.


“The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software”


“Software testing proves the existence of bugs not their absence.”


In your opinion why is Software Testing considered to be one of the most important stages of the software development process? Discuss.


(12 marks)


CA 3 – Software Engineering M Feeney


Q3 – Software Process Development


1. What are the fundamental activities that are common to all software processes?


(4 marks)


2. Outline why programs which are developed using incremental development are likely to


bring benefits to the customer.


(5 marks)


3. A key decision in any project is selecting the most appropriate lifecycle model for the task at


hand. Consider the following outlines of possible software projects:


i. ii. iii. iv. An optician practice to store patient’s records.A currency exchange records system for the FTSE Exchange.A system to manage the stock control of a leading toy retailer.A kiosk where you can buy a transport card.

For each of these classes of systems, identify what might be the most suitable and least suitable life cycle model for development. Justify your selection. (16 marks)


CA 3 – Software Engineering M Feeney


Q4 – Software Requirements


1. Briefly, outline three reasons why it is problematic for software systems to meet their




(6 marks)


2. Often having software “fit for purpose” is more of a focus for software development projects. Suggest how the creation of a software requirements document can ensure a system will be fit for purpose.


(7 marks)


3. Some may claim that a documented process is preferable to an undocumented process. Discuss this claim, providing clear rationale and examples as you see appropriate.


(12 marks)