FIN 534: Financial Management

For Assignment 2, you’ll be performing a Stock Analysis using the provided template. On Yahoo Finance (link:, look up the stock information for each of the 3 companies you identified in Assignment 1. You’ll use the Quote Lookup button to perform a search. Review the financial information provided for each of the stocks you selected and then identify the following information for each in the provided template: the stock ticker symbol, the current stock price, the market cap, the Price to Earnings Ratio, the Forward Dividend and Yield, and the 52 week range. (Again Note: If your competitors are too small and don’t appear on Yahoo Finance, you should choose larger competitors or a larger industry instead as you did in Assignment 1. Ideally you are using the same three companies you did for Assignment 1. The point of this assignment is to get practice finding and analyzing this information). Next, dig a little deeper into each stock and click on the Chart and Sustainability areas for each of them. Discuss what the performance for the stocks has been like and what you think of them in terms of their investment potential (your educated opinion here).