First Pass Climate Risk Assessment

I am employed at an environmental consultancy firm and an investor would like to purchase the business listed below. I need to provide a first pass Climate Change Risk Assessment. I have to assume that it needs to be a viable option for 50 years (2070) and look at the RCP 8.5 (SSP5-8.5) most extreme scenario for the worst-case scenario for the business. Here is the listing:

178 McCutcheon Road, Innisfail, QLD 4860 – Commercial Farming & Rural Property For Sale – realcommercial

To quantify my assessment I need to use published papers, reports and google searches to look for evidence of past climatic influences and potential future climate events for the property.

The client has strict requirements regarding the evidence so I need to reference the data and evidence throughout the report – the source of all data needs to be referenced (website links, published papers etc). Ive made a start on this but have a family emergency so I need some assistance

The report needs to include

  • Introduction – including an outline of the property and its current use (ive already done this).
  • Risk Assessment table for the climate risks the property has experienced in the last 50 years and may expect in the next 50 years I need to rate these risks as low, medium, high or extreme. (for the most part ive already looked at the risk assessment).
  • I need to provide some expansion on the points raised in the risk assessment.
  • For the climate adaptation options for the climate risks Ive identified as high or extreme I need to discuss this further to give the clien an understanding of the impacts.

To keep everything easy to understand a Harvard style reference list is ideal (this will allow the client to do a more in depth review.


I need to keep this first pass assessment concise ( no more than about 1700 words)

Ive started the report & have already copied all of the respective temperature & sea level data.


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