[GCP-2213] Cloudera – Real-time Scenario-based question

Looking for a subject matter expert to create Scenario based questions on Cloudera
Total: 30 (15 Advanced and 15 Expert)
All types of questions and (Advanced + Expert level questions).
Skills Required – Cloudera

Guidelines for Creation:

1. All the questions should be conceptual / scenario based.
2. Questions should be PLAGIARISM-FREE (Not copied from Google or any other online sources).
3. We are looking for a set of non-MCQ/non-MSQ questions.
4. Please avoid using the following as options: 4.1 None of the Above / None of the options / None of these 4.2 All of the Above / All of the options / All of these 4.3 Both A and B / Both B and C etc
5. Questions and Answer choices should be free from errors (Grammar, Punctuation, spelling, etc), clear to understand, and should contain no ambiguity. We recommend using tools like “Grammarly” to check the correctness of the sentences.
6. Avoid excessive window dressing (should not contain irrelevant and unwanted information in Question or Answer Choices).
7. Once the questions created by you are shared with us, Glider will become the absolute owner of the questions and these questions should not be reproduced or recreated in any form to any other clients.
8. All the Key topics pertaining to the skill should be covered while creating the questions.

Guidelines to author questions in our platform:

1. While authoring questions in our platform, please select suitable question types ex: Multiple- choice or Multiple-selection from the menu. Add question text and option text in the relevant fields and select the correct option/s.
2. Please update the following fields for all the questions while authoring.
2.1 In Tags, Please mention Topics and Subtopics relevant to the question. The first letter of The tag should be in uppercase. If the tag is available in the Pre-populated list, then please select it from that list.
2.2 In Author Tags, Add your name.
2.3 In Solution, Please add the explanation for the correctness of the question.
2.4 Enable Shuffle answer choice for all the questions.
3. Instruction: It should be italics and the font size should be 14 for the below question type.
3.1 For MSQ: Please add this instruction “(Select all that apply below)”
3.2 For Dropdown Question: Please add this instruction “(There are multiple drop-downs in the below code, please select a correct response for each drop-down)”
4. Choose a suitable difficulty level according to the question and add a suitable time taken to answer the question.

Post submission of the questions/assignment:

1. The following process will be carried out post-submission of the questions/assignment: Upon receipt of the questions, we will carry out plagiarism checks for all the questions. If any of the questions are found to be plagiarized/available in any of the online sources, then the complete assignment/contract will be canceled.
2. Questions will be peer-reviewed by other SMEs of the same expertise/domain and SME will provide feedback on each question.
3. The feedback with concerns will be shared with you for verification and correction (if any). You will have to review the feedback and make changes (if any) to the questions accordingly. If you feel that the content shared by you is correct and the changes suggested by the Reviewers are not correct/relevant, please let us know so that we will arrange for communication between you and the reviewer to finalize it.
4. Once the questions are deemed fit in all aspects,