global cyberattacks for a “data breach”

500 words, Harvard Referencing

Investigate recent (2020-present) global cyberattacks for a “data breach” case where your chosen attack type was used to breach security in three different sectors, e.g., utility service providers, retail stores, financial institutions, educational institutions, medical service providers, and so on. For example, “data breach” being the attack type, you must research three incidents where it occurred in three distinct industries, such as one in retail, one in a university, and one in a hospital. Please choose three well-documented instances for this project, and keep in mind that selecting relevant cases. As a result, please choose wisely since you will need to address various facets of these attacks. Research the instances thoroughly and, where needed, use the knowledge taught in class during the analysis.

The report must cover the following mandatory issues:

  1. Background information about the cases (e.g., the business environment of the organisation).
  2. The existing control mechanisms (if any) to deal with the security breaches identified in (A) in those organisations.
  3. How did the security breaches occur (including details such as the attack type, the tools used (if any), the target system(s), the time frame for the attack, and the corresponding vulnerabilities)?
  4. The impact of those security breaches on those organisations.
  5. Was there any legal action taken after the attacks? Why or why not?
  6. What has been done (e.g., adding new controls or improving the existing controls) by the organisations to deal with security breaches? In your opinion, has the organisation done enough to deal with these security breaches? Why?
  7. After implementing new controls or improving the existing ones (see (F) above), identify anypotential threats that could happen in the organisation.
  8. Compare and contrast those three different cases in terms of attack strategy, their impact, and how they were handled. Or, use any other suitable criteria.
  9. What are the potential benefits of incorporating security programs in MyBusiness?

500 word Task DATA BREACH