Harassment or bullying problems and solutions

Topic: Harassment or bullying problems and solutions

Identify, research, and write your advice to your boss, the VP of Human Resources, on a current topic you (as the HR Director for the company) is facing currently or is likely to face in the near future.  You need to present an issue to your boss, the VP of HR, that needs solved in your organization (or a hypothetical organization, if you arent employed). The research is merely presented to back up your arguments.  Research as much as you can about it, including any history of the issue/topic, general feelings about the issue/topic from the perspectives of top managers, middle and lower managers, the employees themselves, society, the media, academia, government, etc.  In this research try to break down what you find into four categories:  (1) Causes of the issue/concern/topic and its importance now, (2) Behaviors or Attitudes resulting from the issue/concern/topic, (3) Performance Implications for organizations, human resource practitioners (particularly as they affect the functional areas of HR–staffing, compensation, training, etc.), and employees themselves, and (4) Recommendations that YOU have for what your organization and the human resource department might do to help solve or deal with the specific issue or concern. In this paper, detail each of your the (4) areas mentioned above.

At least 8 pages long.