Health Care Final Project



Currently, the United States has multiple different options for healthcare insurance from Medicare, Medicaid, and Private healthcare insurance. Some policy makers are wanting to shift to universal healthcare and need a policy written that details the new healthcare plan. You will be choosing between two options:

  1. Write a policy for a universal healthcare system so that every American will have healthcare insurance.
  2. Write a policy that abolishes the idea of universal healthcare by supporting the system already in place with some new provisions.


Things to consider when writing your policy for option 1:

  • Are you going to expand the existing government programs such as Medicare using a single-payer system
    • Single-payer countries include Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom
  • Mandate coverage through a government-run national health insurance (NHI program)
    • NHI countries include France, Germany, Japan
  • Expand choice with the use of market incentives targeting where consumers make purchasing decisions (Affordable Care Act)


Things to consider when writing your policy for option 2:

  • Are you satisfied with our current system
  • Are there changes that you can make to expound on our current system
  • Are there changes that you would make to simplify our current system
  • What aspects are working and what aspects need work




  1. Define the problem

What is the issue or problem? Why is it important? Who is impacted and why do they care about this problem? Be specific to the audience and frame your problem. Clarify what the current problem is regarding our healthcare insurance system. What are the problems that Americans are facing regarding the current types of insurance. Is America’s healthcare system better off than other developed countries?

Use reputable sources to explain the problems.


Things to consider:

    1. What is the type of healthcare that we have now? Why do we need to change? Pros and cons of our current healthcare policies.
    2. What is the type of healthcare you are wanting to change to? Which countries already use this healthcare system, and does it work? What are the pros and cons of this type of healthcare system in their country?


  1. State the policy
    1. Identify 1 – 3 specific policy actions that will address the problem
      1. Be specific about what you are going to do for this policy. A policy should have a timeline for when it will be implemented. Is it going to be a national or statewide policy? Can states opt out if it is national?
      2. How will your new healthcare plan be affordable? What will it cost the taxpayers? What are the current taxes for Americans vs what it will become to sustain a new type of healthcare insurance?
      3. What will be covered with this new healthcare insurance? What won’t be covered?


  1. Discuss the Impact
    1. Discuss the implications of taking action and also not implementing the healthcare policy. What are the pros and cons of the policy action?
      1. Think about opposing arguments
      2. Remain objective on the topic


  1. Conclusion

Bring everything together in your healthcare policy for a new type of healthcare insurance plan.


  1. Include at least 6 reputable references and cite the paper in APA format.
    1. In-text citations are included in APA format with numbers.
    2. Include a references page for your references according to APA format
      1. Use this as a source for citing in APA:


  1. This paper is to be written in an essay format, double spaced, and a MINIMUM of three pages of CONTENT, include a title page and reference page.

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Healthcare Project